Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage therapy is an ancient Chinese inspired type of natural healing by using stalks of bamboo. The method used in this type of therapy is similar to most types of massage therapy, except for the fact that the massage therapist uses bamboo sticks instead of manipulating the whole body with his or her hands or elbows. Bamboo massage therapy releases muscular tension by working on the different muscle groups of the body.

With each muscle group, a specific bamboo stick length and size is used to properly address the problems within that area. The use of these sticks primarily aims for the deep tissue to prevent the stiffening of the whole body and to relieve chronic body pain. This type of massage is similar to deep tissue massage thanks to the effectiveness of the sticks in being great accessories for working on the deep tissue of the one receiving.

These are examples of some of the many benefits one can expect after undergoing a bamboo massage therapy aside from the total body relaxation and energizing experience. The sticks are sometimes heated in order to give warmth on the muscle tissues as the massage therapist works over the body. The therapy promotes a good circulation, lymphatic drainage and sensory nerve perception.

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